Employee Records

Import Employee Records from Excel

To import employee records from an Excel file

Note: You must be logged into HRtrack as admin, and must have Excel installed, to use this feature.

  1. Click File > Employee > Import Employee Records


  2. When the import confirmation box appears click OK to continue
  3. Click the Get Employees From File button


  4. Select the file to be imported and click Open


  5. Review the contents of the file to be imported and make any necessary changes to the information. Note: HRtrack expects the import file to have the following columns:

    • Name (first name and last name) Note: The import process parses the first and last names into separate columns
    • Address
    • City
    • Postal Code
    • Province
    • Country
    • Phone Number
    • Hire Date—in dd/mmm/yyyy format
    • Social Insurance Number (SIN)

    If any of these files are missing from the import file, a blank column should be inserted in the export file to serve as a placeholder to ensure the data is imported into the appropriate field.

    Note: The folder My Documents\First Reference\HRtrack\Back-end\import contains an employee import template you can insert your data into, or simply use as a Guide. The template contains all of the necessary columns, instructions on the format of particular fields and a sample record for review.

    When you are satisfied the information is correct, click the Add Employees button. The Employee records will be added to HRtrack.


  6. Click OK to close the Import confirmation message. You can now complete the details of the employee records from within HRtrack.

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