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Human Resources PolicyPro®

Human Resources PolicyPro is designed to meet the needs of human resources and payroll managers and employers across Canada, regardless of the size or complexity of the business. The comprehensive and easy-to-use Human Resources PolicyPro is a practical and reliable HR reference manual to manage your personnel and develop HR policies and procedures to comply with employment and labour laws across Canada, including the federal jurisdiction.

This all-in-one policy-building resource offers not only sample policies but also commentary and related precedents to help you understand each policy in the context of relevant legislative requirements such as: recruitment, job descriptions, training, payroll and compensation, performance management, conflict management, working conditions, health and safety, reasonable accommodation and pay equity, among others.

Human Resources PolicyPro consists of a print and electronic version that include commentaries analyzing in detail the employment law and payroll principles in force in your province, dozens of authoritative sample policies and procedures, HR forms, and a newsletter notifying you of recent developments relating to labour and employment law.


Not sure where to begin, whether your policies and practices are up to date, or if they'll withstand a ministry of labour inspector's scrutiny? Human Resources PolicyPro contains an abundance of continuously updated, expertly crafted, and ready-to-use policies, procedures, forms and checklists. These documents can be implemented as is or easily customized in Microsoft Word® to address the unique aspects of your business.


For over 15 years, Human Resources PolicyPro has been providing cost-efficient and prompt expert support to busy HR professionals, managers and business owners with well researched, current and straightforward information written by renowned lawyers and firms.


Updated every three months, Human Resources PolicyPro contains the latest and most pertinent information and sample policies and procedures you need to make sure your business is always in compliance with the law and best practices.

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