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Accessibility Standards PolicyPro is trusted by organizations across Ontario to manage compliance with accessibility requirements in the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)
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Accessibility Standards PolicyPro Model Policies

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabliities Act

  • AODA Terminology

Standard for Customer Service

  • Customer service policy, practices and procedures on providing goods and service to people with disabilities.

    This policy addresses these questions:
    • What are the legal definitions in the customer service standard?
    • What do businesses and other organizations have to do?
    • What does it mean to have written documentation?
    • What are the exemptions and special rules under the Regulations?
    • What happens when policies, practices and procedures change?
    • What are the special considerations for small businesses?

The Integrated Accessibility Standards

  • Statement of organizational commitment
  • Multi-year accessibility plans
  • Purchasing or acquiring goods, services or facilities
  • Self-service kiosks
  • Accessibility and human rights training

Standard for Information and Communications

  • Committing to and planning for accessible information and communication
  • Accessible formats and communication supports
  • Feedback process
  • Emergency response procedures, plans or public safety information
  • Accessible website and web content
  • Educational and training resources and materials
  • Training to educators
  • Public libraries and libraries of educational and training institutions

Standard for Employment

  • Accessible employment policy, statement of commitment
  • Recruitment, assessment and selection
  • Return to work
  • Performance management
  • Career development and advancement
  • Redeployment
  • Accessible formats and communication supports
  • Documented individual accommodation plans
  • Workplace emergency response information

Standard for Transportation

  • Accessible transportation policy, statement of commitment
  • Accessible emergency and public safety information, stop-requests and emergency response controls, and services required because of an emergency or on compassionate grounds
  • Training in the transportation sector
  • Availability of information on accessibility equipment and non-functioning accessibility equipment
  • Fares, fees, parity and the treatment of support persons and companions, children and visitors
  • General responsibilities, pre-boarding and on-board announcements, storage of mobility aids and mobility assistive devices, courtesy seating and origin to destination services
  • Service disruptions or delays
  • Technical requirements
  • Alternative accessible method of transportation
  • Categories of eligibility and application process
  • Coordinated service
  • Hours of service, bookings and trip restrictions
  • School transportation services and public service organizations
  • Transition existing contracts and vehicles
  • Duties of municipalities, taxicabs and ferries

Standard for the Built Environment and the Design of Public Spaces

  • Accessible public spaces policy, statement of commitment
  • Accessible recreational trails and beach access routes
  • Accessible outdoor public-use eating and outdoor play spaces
  • Accessible exterior paths of travel
  • Accessible on- and off-street parking
  • Accessible service-related elements
  • Maintenance of public spaces
  • Visual/audible fire safety devices and smoke alarms
  • Barrier-free and universal washrooms
  • Safety within floor areas: Barrier-free entrances and barrier-free paths of travel
  • Vertical access to all storeys within a building: Elevators
  • Accessible and adaptable seating spaces
  • Access to pools and spas
  • Renovations
Forms and Checklists
  • Accessibility self-audit
  • Accessible information and communication system feedback form
  • Accessible information and communications standard multi-year plan
  • Accessible website and web content plan
  • Appendix A AODA standards compliance timetable 1 to 49 employees
  • Appendix B AODA standards compliance timetable 50 plus employees
  • Communication worksheet - Customer with blindness
  • Communication worksheet - Customer with mental illness
  • Customer feedback and response forms
  • Customer service standard compliance checklist
  • Employment standard multi-year plan
  • Evaluation report for web accessibility
  • Individualized accommodation plan
  • Notice regarding availability of communications and availability of documents
  • Notices of temporary service disruptions
  • Notification of accessible information and communications feedback
  • Notification to the public of the availability of information and communications in accessible formats and with communication supports
  • Notifications of job postings
  • OHRC and AODA training resource materials
  • Public spaces multi-year plan
  • Recruitment and selection checklist
  • Request form for information and communication in an alternative format or with communication support
  • Return-to-work plan
  • Sample multi-year accessibility plan
  • Training Certificate of Completion
  • Transportation standard multi-year plan
  • Transportation standard multi-year plan chart
  • Website accessibility feedback form
Editors and Author

Content Editor

Lynne Bard, HBa, CHRP, CES, has over 25 years' experience working in accessibility, safety and human resources, taking the lead role in AODA Compliance, HR and Safety for her clients. Lynne's expertise has won several awards of excellence in the field, lending experience and credibility to client organizations with best practice solutions and processes that lead to successful business operation.

Lynne has focused her research and training on legislative compliance over the past years to ensure her clients are current with all upcoming legislation in the fields of HR management, health and safety, as well as corporate governance. Lynne has written training programs to keep her clients across the province current in compliance as well as leadership, facilitating training programs such as diversity training, train-the-trainer and mental health. Lynne specializes in mentoring and coaching leaders in the organization to assist them in their roles.

Beyond Rewards was developed out of Lynne's passion for HR and her love of helping others to succeed. Beyond Rewards provides AODA, health and safety, human resources and workplace investigations management solutions as well as a full range of training programs from health and safety to soft skills training.

Author emeritus

Suzanne Cohen Share has an MA in Health Policy and Critical Disabilities from York University, including a specialty in disability law from Osgoode Hall Law School. Suzanne is a well-known cross-disability consultant, accessibility auditor and public speaker who was on Ontario's Accessible Built Environment Standard Development Committee and has trained governments on accessibility issues.

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Legal Editors

Stringer LLP is the legal editor of Accessibility Standards PolicyProStringer LLP is a leader in Canadian workplace law. For over 45 years, they have taken a client-centred approach to responsive service, representing employers with labour relations and employment problems. They regularly advise and represent clients on a wide variety of matters, from day-to-day issues to corporate transactions and major pieces of litigation. Their firm's practice covers a broad spectrum of workplace law, including employment law, occupational health and safety, labour relations and arbitration, human rights, pay equity, and workers' compensation, as well as issues under the AODA. They also provide training, seminars and conferences on the above topics.

Managing editor

Yosie Saint-Cyr, LLB, was called to the Quebec bar in 1988 where she practised business and employment and labour law until 1999. She is still a member in good standing of the Quebec Bar Association. Yosie is one of Canada's best-known and most-respected HR authors, with an extensive background in employment and labour law across the country. She is also the Human Resources Advisor, Human Resources PolicyPro and HRinfodesk Managing Editor. She has researched and written extensively on the AODA and accompanying standards and on similar initiatives across Canada.

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