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Vacation time and pay rules in Ontario

Understand the employee vacation time and vacation pay requirements under the Ontario Employment Standards Act

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The employment standards requirements to provide employees with time away from work and earned vacation pay are complex. This 44-page guide helps you understand how employees earn and take vacation time, how employers may provide vacation pay, and the related employment standard requirements.


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Inside the guide

  • How employees earn the right to vacation time
  • When vacation time that has been earned must be given to employees
  • How taking single vacation days affects the vacation time owing
  • The earnings which must be included in the calculation of vacation pay
  • When vacation pay must be paid
  • How vacations affect other employment standards, such as overtime and statutory holidays
  • Which employees are not covered by the requirements described in this guide
  • Sample vacation policy

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Print ISSN: 1927-9396  Online ISSN: 1927-940X

*This guide is currently up to date. If a new edition or update of this guide is published within 60 days of your purchase, the PDF version of the up-to-date guide will automatically be emailed to you. Print copies are available at an additional charge.

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