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Statutory holiday rules in Ontario, a compliance and best practice guide

A guide for Ontario employers and payers on complying with employment standards rules on statutory (public) holidays

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This easy-to-understand guide provides a thorough review of the Employment Standards Act requirements in Ontario related to public (statutory) holidays, plus recommended best practices for payroll administration, including a sample policy. The guide answers the following frequently asked questions:


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  • What are statutory holidays in Ontario?
  • Are employees entitled to holiday pay for a statutory holiday that occurs after their employment ends if they are terminated by the employer without notice?
  • Are employees entitled to holiday pay for a statutory holiday that occurs after their employment ends if they quit or are terminated for cause?
  • Is the first Monday in August a statutory holiday in Ontario?
  • Who determines whether employees will be given premium pay or a substituted day for working on a statutory holiday?
  • Who determines which day employees will be given in substitution for a statutory holiday?
  • Can I pay employees their regular wages for a statutory holiday, without doing the calculations described in this guide?
  • How does working part-time affect statutory holiday entitlements?

Inside the guide

  • Legal Requirements
  • Exempt employees
  • What are the statutory holidays in Ontario?
  • Statutory holiday entitlements
  • Pay for statutory holidays
  • Best Practices
  • Implementing a statutory holiday policy
  • Payroll administration
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Glossary
  • Sample statutory holiday policy

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Print ISSN: 1929-2953  Online ISSN: 1929-2961

*This guide is currently up to date. If a new edition or update of this guide is published within 60 days of your purchase, the PDF version of the up-to-date guide will automatically be emailed to you. Print copies are available at an additional charge.

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