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Overtime rules in Ontario best practice and compliance guide

A how-to guide for employers to comply with employment standards overtime rules in Ontario

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The 36-page guide will help you keep your overtime practices and procedures up to date to ensure compliance with employment standards overtime rules in Ontario. The guide provides easy-to-understand explanations of what employers need to know and do to comply as well as practical guidelines, tips, techniques, sample policies, forms and checklists needed when dealing with an employee overtime issue.


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Inside the guide

  • Overtime policy
  • Overtime reporting (recording) form
  • Request for compensatory paid time off in lieu of overtime pay
  • Overtime bank agreement
  • Agreement for averaging hours of work for overtime entitlement
  • Overtime bank record
  • Authorization form to work overtime
  • Acknowledgment and understanding of the company policy
  • Calculating outstanding overtime pay worksheet

Review the Table of Contents

Download and review a PDF of the Table of Contents to preview what's inside the guide.

Print ISSN: 1925-5330  Online ISSN: 1925-5349

*This guide is currently up to date. If a new edition or update of this guide is published within 60 days of your purchase, the PDF version of the up-to-date guide will automatically be emailed to you. Print copies are available at an additional charge.

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