Performance reviews: management and compliance

Employers need to understand where employees are succeeding and where they're failing. But managers aren't necessarily good at evaluating workers' performance, and employers have to ensure they don't discriminate against employees, violate their privacy rights, or breach their own policies or employment standards.

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Family Status and Accommodation: What employers need to know

With competing legal interpretations creating three tests for when an employer must accommodate an employee's family status, and complicated by two definitions of family status, the law is not settled. But employers need to understand their responsibilities with respect to family status and accommodation.

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Five types of workers at high risk for workplace violence

Using stats from our popular Workplace violence and harassment guide, we have created this interesting and fun infographic that helps identify the types of employees at high-risk of workplace violence. By taking a look at Google Trends and information from Statistics Canada, we also outline workplace violence and harassment data, including sexual harassment, across Canada.

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Canada's wage journey - Ten years of minimum wage and its history

Minimum wage is ever increasing. In light of the 2014 minimum wage increases in Ontario, the Yukon, Quebec and in Newfoundland and Labroador, we wanted to take a look back at the journey of minimum wage in Canada and all of its jurisdictions. Taking from Statistics Canada and several other sources, a profile of minimum wages in the past ten years has been outlined by province.

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