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HRtrack® Reports

  • Allergies within the company
  • Departments and positions
  • Medical conditions within the company
  • Department employees and salary
  • Department managers and Employees
  • Employee birthdays
  • Employee dependant datasheet
  • Employee discipline
  • Employee education by department
  • Employee education details
  • Employee emergency contacts
  • Employee emergency datasheet
  • Employee information datasheet
  • Employee leave summary
  • Employee list by department
  • Employee phone list by department
  • Employee phone list
  • Employee reports-to supervisors
  • Employee terminations
  • Employee wage history
  • Employee years of service
  • Employee benefits by department
  • Employee benefits
  • Employee reviews - disciplinary by department
  • Employee reviews - disciplinary
  • Employee reviews - performance schedule
  • Employee reviews - performance
  • Employee reviews - probationary by department
  • Employee reviews - probationary schedule
  • Employee reviews - probationary
  • Absenteeism by department
  • Absenteeism by reason
  • Absenteeism details by employee
  • Absenteeism due to illness
  • Absenteeism occurrence by department
  • Absenteeism occurrence by employee
  • Vacation detail sheets
  • Vacation outstanding summary
  • Vacation summary sheets
  • Employee training by department
  • Employee training costs by department

Choose an option that's right for you. Either option will provide you with exactly the same software. The only difference is the number of employees you can track and the availability of technical support.

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Online and phone support during regular business hours.
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