Employee Records

Employee Record

Tracking Employee Absences or an Employee on Leave

The Absenteeism/Leave page is where you track employee absences and leaves and is comprised of two sections:     


Vacation periods and leave entitlements are set under the Absenteeism & Vacation Settings under Employee Policy Administration in the Company Settings. For more information about setting vacation periods or a leave entitlement, click here.

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This Absenteeisms area lists absences and any leaves taken by the employee and tracks the:

  • Datethe start date for the leave or absence.
  • Time Gone—the duration of the leave or absence.
  • Reasonthe type of leave or absence (e.g., maternity/pregnancy leave).
  • Discipline levelwhether disciplinary action is warranted as a result of the absence (e.g., as in the case of an unauthorized leave).
  • Resultwhether the absence is non-culpable (authorized) or culpable (unauthorized).
  • Manager—the employee's manager at  the time of the leave or absence.
  • Comments—this field is for any comments or additional details about the leave or absence.

To Remove an Absence from the list

  1. Select the absence to be deleted from the Absenteeisms list.
  2. Click the Remove Absence link. Note that only one absence can be deleted at a time.

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Absence Detail

The Absenteeism details area is where you track and monitor an employee's absences. You can track the length of the absence, whether the absence was authorized or unauthorized, and what (if any) disciplinary measures need to be taken.

  • Reasonthe reason for the absence.
  • Entitlementthe number of days available for the leave or absence as based on legislative requirements, best practices or company policy. For more information about leave entitlements. click here.
  • Start Date—the date the leave or absence began.
  • Duration—the length of the leave or absence. This can be measured in hours, days or weeks.
  • Return Date—the date the employee returns to work.
  • Conclusion—whether the absence was authorized (non-culpable) or unauthorized (culpable)
  • Discipline—what disciplinary action needs to be taken as a result of the absence:
    • No disciplinary action required
    • Consultation
    • Verbal warning
    • Written warning
    • Training required
    • Suspension with pay
    • Suspension without pay
    • Demotion
    • Decision-making leave
    • Other (describe in comments)
    • Termination
  • Managerthe employee's manager at the time of the leave or absence.
  • Commentsany comments, additional details or disciplinary information about the leave or absence.
  • Restrictions - Count leave duration on Weekends—selecting this checkbox will include Saturdays and Sundays in the leave duration total. This choice can also be made for all employees in the Vacation Options tab of the Absenteeism & Vacation Settings dialog box, under Company Settings.

For more information about completing Absenteeism details click here.

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