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Not-for-Profit PolicyPro®

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Not-for-Profit PolicyPro eliminates the tediousness of policy development so that you can get on with what’s really important. Not-For-Profit PolicyPro brings together the governance and administrative expertise needed by not-for-profit organizations to offer a full suite of policies and practices to help you:

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  • Demonstrate your fiduciary responsibility to protect your clients and assets
  • Stay coordinated and informed to avert operating or human resources crises
  • Define the relationship between staff and the board to clearly set out responsibilities, processes and limitations
  • Demonstrate to funders your professionalism and coherency
  • Prove that the money is well-managed

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There’s always something more immediate – and more interesting – to do than writing policies. It may still not be much fun, but Not-For-Profit PolicyPro is sure to make the task much easier. With over 25 sample policies in ready-to-use format, including more than 50 helpful procedures and forms, the resource is the only one of its kind focusing on the unique needs of Canadian not-for-profit organizations. The sample policies can be adopted in their entirety or can be easily customized in Microsoft Word®.

Current and Comprehensive

Updated four times a year, the resource contains policies and procedures that reflect the most current legislative requirements. Each chapter includes an introductory section that sets out why the policy is needed and considerations to take into account when developing a customized policy. There are also several primers covering the basics of such areas as Advocacy, Financial Management, and Human Resources.


Co-published with The Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) written by Jeffrey D. Sherman, Bcomm, MBA, CIM, FCPA, FCA and Stephanie F. Smith, B. Comm., MBA, the resource is designed to make it a relatively simple process for small and medium-sized not-for-profit organizations to adopt policies and procedures.

About Not-for-Profit PolicyPro

Loose-leaf (Click on the chapters for more information)

Corporate Administration

Corporate Administration

  • 1.01 Registering the Organization
  • 1.02 Incorporation and Bylaws
  • 1.03 Annual General Meeting
  • 1.04 Records Retention
  • 1.05 Legal and Regulatory
  • 1.06 Taxes and Charitable Returns
  • 1.07 Information Technology
  • 1.07 Customer Refunds - Retail
  • 1.08 Confidentiality and Privacy



  • 2.01 Board of Directors
  • 2.02 Board Processes
  • 2.03 Roles and Responsibilities
  • 2.04 Ethics
  • 2.05 Risk Management
  • 2.06 Strategic and Business Planning

Advocacy and Public Policy

Advocacy and Public Policy

  • 3.01 Advocacy Primer
  • 3.02 Establishing Policy Positions
  • 3.03 Communication

Financial Management

Financial Management

  • 4.01 Financial Management Primer
  • 4.02 Revenues
  • 4.03 Expenses
  • 4.04 Assets
  • 4.05 Cash Management
  • 4.06 Budgets, Forecasts and Reporting

Human Resources

Human Resources

  • 5.01 Human Resources Primer
  • 5.02 Recruitment, Selection and Orientation
  • 5.03 Performance Planning and Management
  • 5.04 Volunteer Management
  • 5.05 Compensation and Working Conditions

Print ISSN 1915-2906 Online ISSN 1923-8924


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Authors and Editors

Jeffrey D. Sherman, Bcomm, MBA, CIM, FCPA, FCA, is a director or CFO of several public companies and has had over 20 years of executive management experience. His interests include corporate governance, risk management, accounting and finance, restructuring and start-up enterprises. Mr. Sherman has lectured and conducted seminars for many organizations, and was an adjunct professor at York University for 15 years. He is a popular course director and course author for many organizations, including The Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada), and other provincial institutes of chartered accountants and law societies, and has written many magazine articles on finance and accounting. He has written over 20 books including: Finance and Accounting PolicyPro, Not-for-Profit PolicyPro and Information Technology PolicyPro (guides to risk management, governance, procedures and internal controls, all published by First Reference and the CPA), Cash Management Toolkit (published by the CPA), as well as Canadian Treasury Management, Canadian Risk Management and Financial Instruments: A Guide for Financial Managers (all published by Thomson-Reuters/Carswell). More about Jeffrey.

Stephanie F. Smith, B. Comm., M.B.A., is the principal of a contract executive and management consulting firm. Her hands-on policy and operational experience with small and medium-sized organizations spans business, government and not-for-profit. Ms. Smith has helped many organizations create business policies that are relevant and easy to use and implement.

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