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It is always recommended that customers evaluate the performance of the product before making their purchase.

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In two or three days, you will receive an email with a link to a 30-day trial of the electronic version of the selected HRPP. When you download the software, no registration codes are required. In about 5–7 days, the print version will arrive by regular Canada Post. For your convenience, an invoice will be included with the package. During the trial period, if you decide to subscribe, simply pay the invoice. If you're not satisfied for any reason, simply mail the package back by ordinary post with the invoice marked "Cancel." Also included is a FREE guide† - Employment reference checking - yours to keep just for taking the trial!

About your subscription

This all-in-one policy and procedure building resource consist of:

  • Two loose-leaf print binders that include commentaries and sample HR policies, procedures, forms and checklists
  • PolicyPro® software
  • Four yearly updates
  • Inside Policy Newsletter
  • Technical support and customer service

Subscription price for one-year and annual renewal varies by province and does not include shipping, handling and taxes. Refer to invoice or product page for individual product pricing.

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† The free guide - Employment reference checking - is only available in English and is not included with trials to the Quebec Edition of Human Resources PolicyPro. Trial users in Quebec can request a PDF version of the English Employment reference checking guide if they wish.

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